An automobile insurance policy protects the car, the driver, and the passengers. It covers theft or loss of the car and damage to the vehicle. In the event of any unexpected incidence, car insurance online plans also cover third-party car insurance costs and medical expenditures. Thus, an automobile insurance policy offers a variety of advantages.

Many riders, often referred to as add-ons, are provided by insurance companies to raise the policy’s value. An engine protection cover is one of these well-liked automobile insurance add-ons. Such a supplement covers any engine damage. Also, the insurance company covers the cost of repairing or replacing engine components like pistons or connecting rods. *

The Benefits Of Using Engine Protector Add-On

The costliest component of a car is undoubtedly the engine. Such a portion requires expensive repairs. Also, the price of materials and labour is very high. It is advisable to purchase engine cover motor insurance to avoid burning a hole in your wallet if the engine is damaged.

The following list outlines the main advantages of using an add-on to safeguard your engine.

  • Offers protection against water intrusion: Water may occasionally enter the air intake valve and make its way to the engine. As a result, the engine fails. Most auto insurance coverage typically does not cover this loss. Also, if you try to start a damp engine, a hydrostatic lock might happen. It is advised to get an engine protector add-on so that you can have enough coverage during such circumstances.
  • Provides insurance in the event that lubricating oil leaks and causes damage: Your engine has a significant likelihood of being damaged by lubricating oil leaks. You can recoup some engine replacement costs by investing in an engine protector add-on.
  • Provides coverage for gearbox damage: The coverage of gearbox damages is an additional advantage of purchasing engine add-on insurance. You can claim the expenses from the car insurance online

When Is It Necessary To Add An Engine Protector?

Engine damage is unpredictable because it could happen at any time. Fire, flood, or accidents can all cause damage. So, it’s crucial to obtain sufficient coverage for one of your car’s most vital and costly components. *

Exclusions And Coverage For Engine Protector Plans

Each insurer has a different policy definition for engine protection. As a result, you are free to evaluate the features and advantages of various plans in light of your needs. *

It’s vital to remember that these plans have some exclusions. In the event that you started your automobile while it was submerged in water, engine protector policies do not provide coverage for damages. In addition, motor insurance companies do offer engine coverage if your car is older than five years. *

Your engine will be protected by an engine protection rider in the event of harm from mishaps or moisture from rain. As a result, you can purchase such a rider and benefit from comprehensive coverage. *

* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

Eve Nasir

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