Choosing to do your banking with ADCB Betaqti does afford you with certain luxuries. They have several offers and deals that act as incentives. Once you sign up for certain services, you gain access. Procuring a credit card from ADCB Betaqti can transform your travel experience. Keep reading for more information.

Betaqti World Elite Credit Card

Opting for a Betaqti world elite credit card comes with several perks that you simply cannot miss, especially if you travel a lot. The card provides both primary and supplementary users with unfettered access to hundreds of airport lounges worldwide. The airport lounges vary depending on the card that you have; check online to see where your card will provide you access to. The access is limited to the cardholder and an additional guest so bear that in mind. One of the airport lounges that you will receive access to as a minimum is the Diamond Lounge at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The Diamond Lounge: Abu Dhabi International Airport

The Diamond Lounge is located landside; it is right next to terminal one, on the ground level of the airport, across from the VIP terminal for easy transfers. The lounge is the height of luxury; treat yourself like a VIP! The ADCB card provides you with access free of charge; however, the amenities inside might be subject to additional charges. Obviously, you can only enter the Lounge if you have a ticket and you are travelling. You can stay for up to three hours.

In terms of the facilities, the Diamond Lounge has it all. There is air conditioning to ensure that you are comfortable to provide some respite for the occasionally oppressive humidity within Dubai. In addition, the lounge has good disabled access for any passengers with additional needs. There is a variety of foods and beverages available ranging from snacks to more substantial meals. There is also a variety of alcoholic beverages to be enjoyed too.

For Passengers on a layover between connecting flights, the showers at the Diamond Lounge allow you the opportunity to freshen up. The Lounge is comfortable, and it has internet access, including Wi-Fi, that you can hook your phone or laptop up to. There are also phones to use and even a fax machine. Finally, if you simply want to relax a little, they also have televisions and flight monitors too.

In Summary

The luxury offered by the Diamond Lounge is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the airport lounges that the ADCB card allows you access too. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, access to these airport lounges can completely transform your travel experience. The incentives that ADCB offer alongside their services go beyond the travel benefits, so be sure to check them out if you are in need of a new bank. If you do decide to use ADCB, then be sure to check out their full list of airport lounges when you book your next vacation.

Eve Nasir

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