Travelling is exciting as it gives you a much-needed break from your daily routine. Moreover, it allows you to explore new places, new cultures, and cuisines. But what about the financial aspect of it?

Travelling isn’t cheap. Besides the travel tickets and accommodations, a considerable amount of money is spent on sightseeing, food, and local transportation. However, there are handy hacks to cut down on the costs and save money while travelling. Let’s have a look at some of the easiest and most practical ones.

How to save money while travelling?

  • Be the early bird

The saying ‘the early bird catches the worm’ is true for travel bookings too. When you book your travel tickets and accommodation in advance, you not only get easy availability, but you also get to save on the tariffs. Airline tickets, train tickets, and hotels tend to get expensive closer to your travel date. So, always book these in advance, and you can save on the major expenses that are incurred on travelling.

  • Try and pick the off-season

Rates are usually slashed in off-seasons when the tourist footfall is low. Try and use the season to your advantage. Travel during such periods to bring down your travelling budget.

  • Make your own itinerary

Though travel agents look like a more accessible alternative to planning a trip, their commission is included in the package cost. Moreover, their itinerary might lack flexibility, something that can be taken care of if you plan the trip yourself. Yes, it would require you to do thorough research of the area, but it would also save big bucks. You might also end up enjoying more experiences on the same budget when you plan the trip yourself.

  • Experience the joy of homestays

When booking accommodations, you can opt for homestays for a more authentic and cultural experience. Especially when travelling in groups, homestays can prove to be very cost-effective. Thanks to the popularity of homestays, you also have a wide variety of choices, whether you are travelling within India or internationally.

  • Go local

If you are wondering how to save money on food while travelling, the answer is simple. Chuck premium fine dining experiences and enjoy the local cuisine instead. Opt to eat out at food trucks, local delis, or bistros to experience the joy of traditional cuisine. Even when commuting, hop on to local modes of mass transport rather than hiring a car. These options give you an authentic feel of the place and also help save money.

  • Control your shopping urges

Shopping while travelling can break your bank. Try to limit it. If shopping for souvenirs, choose local street vendors and stalls for the best bargains. Keep a tight shopping budget and stick to it.

Now you know how to save money while on vacation. But before you travel, create an goal-based investment plan for the same. If you are planning a holiday, start saving towards it in advance. This way, you can plan a worry-free trip.

Eve Nasir

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