If there were a fire in his home, Evan Rubinson would save one object before nearly all others: a guitar his father designed in tribute to September 11, just before he passed away when Rubinson, now 30, was just 25.

The powerful connection to music has led him to make a major professional leap. After successfully leading Armadillo Enterprises as presiden, Rubinson made a major career change. He has launched ERA Music Brands, a musical instrument conglomerate.

He made the change at a major moment in his life, shifting from the financial industry to music while his father was terminally ill. The move came despite Evan Rubinson leading Armadillo Enterprises to 27.3 percent year-over-year growth from 2020 to 2021.

As founde, Rubinson has returned to a field that has long been a part of his life. Music and music videos are his go-to source for creative inspiration and Fender, the electric guitar maker, is one of the companies he most admires. His walls prominently display platinum album covers from some of the world’s most famous bands.

Era Music Brands has been acquiring sub brands under the parent company. Today, Rubinson has 50 percent ownership stakes in Luna and ddrums. Read more about Evan Rubinson on thebossmagazine.com

Rubinson is a self-described risk-taker and people person. He describes himself as being determined, persevering, self-aware, self-reflective and intuitive. He is a driven individual who frames his own moral compass around whether his loved ones would be proud of the decisions he makes if they could see him.

Trust and loyalty are important to Evan Rubinson in business and in life. He looks for business associates with aligned business objectives and backgrounds and those who can complement his strengths by bolstering his areas of weakness.

The drive for success is pronounced. His greatest fear is failing to achieve his true potential, whether in business or in life.

Rubinson’s first taste of work was sweeping floors in his father’s warehouse at 11. He grew up loving classic arcade games, such as Donkey Kong, Frogger, Pac-Man and pinball. He ended up attending Duke University on a track and field scholarship, competing in the 200m and 400m events at the Division 1 school. There, he earned a degree in economics and public policy and noted his favorite class was international finance and trade.

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Duke continues to be an important part of Evan Rubinson’s life. He conducts admissions interviews for Duke and serves as a member of the Duke Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee. He’s a loyal Duke donor and event attendee. He is also a philanthropic supporter of Jesuit High School, the Humane Society and Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Running continues to be a big part of Evan Rubinson’s life. Running, swimming, hiking and spending time with his four dogs are among his favorite hobbies and weight work and Peloton are his go-to workout routine.

Today, Rubinson, who was born in Tampa, lives in Tampa and Casey Key, Florida. His message for the world is clear: See things from others’ perspective and recognize that none are objectively right or wrong.

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